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Delaware Gaming Enforcement

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Mission Statement

The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement is committed to ensuring the integrity of Delaware's gaming industry.
Gregory Nolt, Director of DGE

Gregory Nolt, Director of DGE

Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) will accomplish its mission by identifying contemporary, professional, and ethical enforcement initiatives. To this end, DGE is founded upon a three pronged organizational structure: Applicant/Vendor Background Investigations, Criminal Enforcement/Investigations, and Intelligence. These three distinctive components, working together, provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring the integrity of the gaming industry.

Applicant/Vendor Background Investigations - In order to limit Delaware's exposure to organizations and individuals that seek to engage in criminal or other nefarious activities within the gaming industry, DGE conducts thorough investigations of every casino employee.

Criminal Enforcement/Investigations - The DGE employs a "task force" model comprised of police officers from the Delaware State Police and the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement. This model allows for the expansion or compression of the division as required. In addition, the investigative specialization of the members brings a wide array investigative experience to maintain the gaming industry's integrity.

Intelligence - The third component of the DGE, Intelligence, is committed to gathering pertinent information from multiple sources and developing actionable plans to facilitate effective and efficient policing activities.